Author Guidelines

1. Manuscript has not been published or in editorial process in other journal
2. Manuscript should be written in Bahasa Indonesia or English
3. Manuscript should be written 1,5 spacing, on A4 paper, font Verdana 10, in 4000 - 8000 words
excluding references, in format of .doc, .docx, or .rtf (pdf format is unacceptable)
4. Title should not be more than 14 words (excluded subtitle and conjunction words) written in Bahasa
5. Abstract contains between 150-200 words with 3-5 keywords in Bahasa Indonesia and English
6. Scope in this journal contains research and study/idea on theology, philoaophy, and Catholic Religious Education
7. Manuscript of research constitutes of title, author(s), author’s affiliation, e-mail, abstract, keywords,
and main content with composition and proportion of total pages as follows:
a. Introduction covers rational of research, literatures related to relevant theories and research
results, problem statement, and objection of research (25%)
b. Method. Method contains research method, research model, place, time, population, sample,
data collection technique, and data analysis technique (10%)
c. Result and Discussion. Result and Discussion provides research result in line with problem
statement and objection of result, compares/analyzes/discuses research result with theory
and relevant research, correlate the result with public policy in education and culture. (50%)
d. Conclusion and Recommendation. Conclusion based on data analysis and discussion, answer
the question of research. (15%)
e. References at least 15 of sources in the last ten years of publication, except historical materials
used as classical sources that published more than 10 years before. It should contain 80% of
primary sources (scholarly journal minimum Sinta 2) of total references.
8. Sources taken from the internet should be from trusted source, it is not allowed taking references
from blogs, Word Press, and Wikipedia
9. All sources referred in body text should be in the list of References and vice versa
10. Manuscript sponsored by an institution should be acknowledged containing information about the
11. Manuscript submmit in journal website:
12. Sources of quotation is written in parentheses (author last name, year of publication)